CSPromod Beta 1.04 Changelog released

BY Andrew Miesner / January 16, 2010

Today, the team behind the CSPromod have released the massive changelog for their upcoming 1.04 beta release. Below is just a small snippet of all the changes:

Custom User Interface Design

* Created custom-built modern-style HUD with traditional placement of all standard elements
* Created custom assets, including fonts, vector graphics and overlays
* Overhauled design of GUI, Main Menu and Options section to achieve a unified visual style
* Added CSPromod options tab to offer one-stop VGUI tweaking of all new features
* Added animated round timer for 30 seconds and below: timer flashes red with 1.6-style speed cycle
* Added teammates’ money to the scoreboard
* Added teammates’ health to the scoreboard
* Added color-coded player indicators on both sides of the round timer
* Added animated main menu background

While some users may communicate that a lot of the changes are padded or very miniscule, that doesn’t change the wealth of detail that’s involved not only in the changelog, but actually programming such changes.

Among the exhausting list of changes, include some anticipated and hot topic items such as, teammates money to the scoreboard, increasing footstep volume, and mimicking 1.6 as much as possible.

The full changelog can be viewed here.