Day[9] Interviewed by ESFI

BY Andrew Miesner / March 4, 2011

ESFI sat down with Sean “Day[9]” Plott during IEM5 for an interview regarding his various esports ventures as well as his thoughts about some of the latest news in the SC2 scene.

Below is an excerpt from the interview:


Are we ever going to see you play professional StarCraft again?

Well, I play a lot and I like playing. But casting I think I can do more with than I can as a player. Also, I get a chance to watch all the players that I love to watch and see them play against each other, which is really cool. I don’t really have that much of an opinion of it. A lot of it is if I tried to become a player, I would have to devote so much time to it that would eat into a lot of my other things. I couldn’t both be a player at a competitive level in the way I’d want and a caster, and also be an interesting person at the same time.

What’s your opinion on the NASL?

I think it’s great. The crew that’s putting it together are really trying to make something huge happen in North America and that can only be good, even if it completely crashes. That’s great that there are people that are willing to put that much money and that much effort into it. If it does really well, then we have another huge league that people can enter into, so it can only be a good thing.

In a previous interview, you mentioned you are entirely booked for the near future. Which other events do you have planned?

The biggest activity is a Masters degree in fine arts from the University of Southern California which I’m trying to finish. That’s one of those events I can’t skip on (laughs). So once I graduate, there’s some other fun things that are coming down the pipeline. They have to be announced first by the organizers as of course, I am but a lowly caster.



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