dboorN Interviewed by HLTV

BY Andrew Miesner / May 10, 2010

HLTV.org has recently interviewed coL.cs’s own Derek “dboorN” Boorn. The interview focuses heavily on the upcoming Arbalet Europe as well as future events for coL. Below is an excerpt from the interview:


The first one, Arbalet Cup, will most likely pose itself as the hardest of the three. What are your goals for this event?

I’d agree with your ranking for the tournaments but we have the same goal for all of them. That goal is to play to our potential and control what is in our power. As long as we go out and play our game, I think we’ll be just fine.

How has your team been practicing for this tournament?

Although it’s unfortunate that we weren’t able to bootcamp prior to the event as I had to take my finals early to even go to the tournament itself, we’ll be as prepared as we can be coming in. A little bitter sweet that we’re getting the bootcamp AFTER one of the biggest tournaments of the year to fix our mistakes and not prior, but beggers can’t be choosers! All of us have had experience in European tournaments now (even if I’m still a newb) and I think our confidence and overall bond as a team is going to pay dividends for us.


Read the full interview by clicking here