dboorN Interviewed by SK

BY Andrew Miesner / July 12, 2010

Following the 5th-8th place finish by coL at ESWC 2010 in Paris, France, SK Gaming caught up with coL.cs’s Derek “dboorN” Boorn to get his take on the event and what he expects for the future. An excerpt from the interview can be found below:


Given EG’s recent performance at the ESWC and being a player that competes quite frequently against their veterans fRoD and Storm, do you feel these two players are past their prime? Do you think they will find the success they had in the past under the coL name?

You’ve inquired the wrong person to try to stir up, or create, any type of drama (maybe walle would be best fit to question about his thoughts on EG’s roster). I don’t think like your average community member or forum goer so my opinion is completely player based. My opinion is also 100% outside perspective but I believe fRoD is playing just as well as he always has been. Storm’s role is obviously different than fRoD’s and from what I see, he displays great teamwork and communication while being completely aware of what he needs to be doing to help his teammates. Storm isn’t someone they call on to open up rounds for them or completely dominate an area alone, he does his job just fine as far as I see it. Why would you call on me to criticize the only other USA team competing at events? Come on :D! GO USA!

Regarding the latter part, EG is a team that I’ve always looked up to in the aspect of the heart they show as a team and in-game. They’re never out of a match and I’m sure that mentality translates into practice and their free time so whatever slump the players, or team, are in, I’m sure they’ll bounce back fairly quickly.

It has been just over three months since this current coL.cs roster was announced. How satisfied are you with your results thus far (in general) and will changes be made to the roster if certain goals at the ESEA Finals & Arbalet aren’t met?

Outside of lacking a killer instinct to put teams away and a minor letdown in the IOL Season 2 Finals, I think we’ve performed just about par as what I would have thought to begin with. Am I satisfied with par? Absolutely not. When you’re at the top, you have to create an even stronger work ethic than you once exhibited before as teams will be aiming for you and giving you their best shot each time out. With that said, it reminds you that teams are on your heels and are eager to take your spot, thus reassuring you that you have to be hungrier than you’ve ever been before.


The full interview can be found here