dboorN Pre-ESL Interview

BY Andrew Miesner / December 10, 2009

Prior to leaving for Edmonton, Canada, we sat down with Derek “dboorN” Boorn to get his outlook on the event, as well as what the team has been doing to make sure they bring their A-Game.

First of all, congrats on your third place finish at Dreamhack Winter 2009. Since the event, has coL been practicing differently, or are you keeping up the same routine?

Thanks, could’ve had a better showing and maybe had a spot in the finals, but each experience is a learning one and we’ll take this one the same way. Practicing differently? Not too much. Going into Sweden, we knew the problems hindering practice in the USA so it was no surprise really. The quality of internet, along with an array of quality teams, is really what sets Europe apart from the USA. I’d say we’ve done more talking than playing since we’ve been back but I think that contributes more to not being able to find anyone to play rather than altering our schedule. 

Playing against many good teams in international tournaments may have changed some ways you play, how do you think you will play against the North American competition, what will you change, if anything?

I think playing versus Europeans definitely opened our eyes a bit on a few aspects of the game. Of course we are going to try and implement that into our play but, at the same time, we think our style works for us and there are a few different recipes to success.

Who do you think the final entry for Group B will end up being? Do you think they will be a good final entry for the group? Why?

To be honest, I don’t have the slightest clue as to who will be showing up in our group. I’ll actually be shocked if all eight of the teams show. We were all hoping that FireGamers would be able to make an appearance, but I read somewhere that it was too late of a notice so that was a bummer to hear. Whoever it is, I’m sure they’ll be ready to play, as will we.

Does this tournament look to have an easy win potential for coL, or are there challenges to face this weekend?

Unfortunately, no matter the position we’re in, we never make things easy. A challenge is always nice as you can see how your team handles adversity but, on the same token, it’s nice to be able to coast a bit as well. There are a lot of talented teams participating in this event so I’m sure it’ll be interesting whatever the turn out may be.

Any final words/shoutouts?

As always a huge thanks to our sponsors: Creative, G8 Clothing, PureTrak, XFX and Fame for making all of this possible, even if we’re going to freeze every second we’re awake. Thanks, also, to ESL for remaining committed to the competitive scene and providing us with the chance to compete in great events year after year.