DchozN.com Frag Movie Making Resource Site Released

BY Andrew Miesner / May 1, 2009

A new frag moviemaking website featuring top free resources and content is now out to take any video editor to the top by David Cho, aka DchozN, an award winning video editor in eSports with 5 years of experience at www.DchozN.com. The website promises to offer video guides with personal anecdotes and remarks, secondhand opinions from other famous moviemakers around the world, unique contests and concept ideas.

Official announcement by DchozN:

When I was a nobody starting out in this thing we call frag moviemaking I specifically remember messaging my favorite video editors back in the day for some help with my early projects. I’d just get the cold shoulder and I specifically remember telling myself at said moment that if I ever were to become someone in the eSports, or professional gaming, industry as a whole then I would help as many people that I could along the way.


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