DchozN Responds to Critics

BY Andrew Miesner / February 18, 2009

Recently there have been several allegations leveled against famous Counter-Strike movie maker David “DchozN” Cho on eSports forums.  The allegations centered around services not being rendered after payments were made.

Mr. Cho has decided to release his side of the story.  Below is a snippet:

For reasons unknown an individual decided to run a smear campaign against me with no grounds whatsoever that has now been perceived as truth especially when it came to one of the major aspects of the attack, and something that holds no value in my life whatsoever. If you’ve ever known me professionally or personally then I rarely talk about myself too much including my earnings because, well, how much I’ve earned (and for the most part received) over the years in eSports is downright laughable. I would much rather enjoy producing movies for other organizations and individuals to highlight their achievements from behind the scenes instead – the paycheck is secondary. This is how I was as a 17 year old kid having the privilege to make gaming movies for prestigious companies in eSports back then and that still remains to this day. 


The written defense also goes on to list support from many well known eSports leaders including Chris Lemley, Brian Flander, Corbin Crnkovic and Doug Jacobson.

You can read the entire post HERE.