Dead or Alive in Dallas #5

BY Andrew Miesner / May 28, 2009

D.i.D. #5 – Hosted by famous DoA player Emmanuel “Master” Rodriguez.

There will be a massive anime convention. It is its 20th year anniversary so expect big things! It will be at the Shearton hotel and the connected Westin Hotel. Directions can be found here.

A special guest that will be attending is John Carmack. Mr. Carmack is the creator of Quake, ID, Doom and more!

D.i.D. Is a massive DoA event that will be hosted at A-kon this year. The top 3 players in this tournament will earn a cash purse of $500.00. Also, several TECMO collectables will be given out at random.

DoA Will NOT be the only hosted game, There will also be the following games:

– Dance Dance Revolution
– Guitar Hero
– Street Fighter IV
– MK vs DC
– Soul Calibur IV
– Super Smash Bros Brawl
– Special Japanese Rhythm Games
– And many more!

Source: DOACentral