Dignitas Adds Left4Dead

BY Andrew Miesner / April 1, 2009

L4D Team Dignitas is the first major organization to pick up a competitive Left 4 Dead team. The team features two top players with a background in Unreal Tournament.  Although there are limited competitions for Left 4 Dead the players are currently playing in ESL’s Left4Dead League and has plans to attend i36.

David ‘Zaccubus‘ Treacy has released the following statement:

Well I’d like to say it awesome joining dignitas for L4d but since I have been in the team for 2 years already I will say this: It’s awesome still being in the best team in the world, Dignitas always embrace new teams games and players and with that I welcome iain and craftybadger to the evergrowing army of the undead and welcome back to the old Frantic which I had the honor of playing with in UT3. We look forward to playing at i36 and the ESL Spring Cup, I look forward to hearing the sound of munchin brains OM Nom NOM in future games.


Current Dignitas L4D Roster:

David ‘Zaccubus‘ Treacy
Richard ‘CraftyBadger‘ Sharpe
Iain ‘Iain‘ Cole
Frederiek ‘Frantic‘ van Gammeren

Source: Cadred