Dignitas Adds WoW Squad!

BY Andrew Miesner / December 30, 2009

Dignitas have decided to join the top-ranks of the WoW scene by adding the well known squad GODMODE.  Most of you in the WoW community may know these players from the blog, Hydramist.net.

The new lineup consists of Thomas ‘Flyn” Kogler as Mage, Christopher ‘KalamisT’ Ioannou as Rogue, and Ryan ‘Hydra’ Van Buiten as Priest.  Dignitas has said that the team will be partnered with the Alienware M17x to enhance their gaming experience to the highest ability.

Ryan ‘Hydra’ van Buiten:
First of all myself, Chris (Kalimist) and Thomas (Flyn) are all very pleased to be joining the dignitas family; they have been a pleasure to talk to so far and seem to be a very professional organisation. A big thank you goes out to them for giving us this opportunity.

Over the course of 2010 we plan to build on our current victory at gamescom 2009 and take our team to new levels. We have high hopes for future tournaments and are aiming to place at least Top 3 in each event we attend since I believe that our team is made up of the very best players of each class.

We are excited to be playing under the name of Team Dignitas and hope that we can represent them at the very top of our game. We are also working closely with them to promote our new website www.hydramist.net. This incorporates first person livestreams from each of our team members, frequent blog updates on the current state of the game, as well as active forums where people can ask questions, chat about arena or anything that takes their fancy.


Dignitas also stated that all of their WoW news will be streamed from the Hydramist.net blog, so stay tuned to that for all of their latest news