DINC adds Blight.ca

BY Andrew Miesner / October 14, 2009

In the nick of time, Damage Incorporated was able to pick up the Blight.ca cs team for the WCG Finals in China and possibly Intel Extreme Masters 4. DINC’s CS division is currently competing in ESL, ESEA-Invite, CEVO-P, and is awaiting the WCG Finals.

At this current time, we’ve just been sticking to our regular practice regiment. We haven’t been able to look too far into our opponents yet, as the groups aren’t drawn yet. When we figure out who we’ll be facing, we will be looking athe teams and preparing for them. We are also planning on bootcamping for several days before we leave on November the 9th.” – Scott “bishop” Bishop told LGN.

“I needed to start off DINC with a bang and what better way than to pick up a talented up-and-coming team such as Blight.ca. I’m extremely happy to have them playing for me I feel they have incredible potential to do well at WCG. I look forward to a long and successful relationship with my CS team, look forward to seeing us at all the major events in the future.” – Dan Camacho (Owner of DINC)

DINC.CS Current Roster:

Scott “bishop” Bishop
Kory “Semphis” Friesen
Jamie “phz5” Cross
Brennan “eleiNt” Webster
Mikael “techtroN” Cox
Garett “GRT” Bambrough (BACKUP)