DINC Picks Up Pandemic

BY Andrew Miesner / March 8, 2010

It did not take long since Pandemic shut down for their former Counter-Strike squad to be picked up. Today, Damage Inc. has announced they have picked up the the ex-Pandemic CS 1.6 team.

Dinc stuggled thoughout last year with their teams and are excited to be back with a roster with so much talent.

You can check out the new Dinc team in action this weekend at ESEA Season 5 lan finals. Their first match up will be aganst coL.cs, who are coming home from a rough outting at IEM.

DINC 1.6:

Mason “mason” Dickens
Mikey “Method” So
Travis “tuBBy” Bechtol
Alex “millipede” Abbott
Garett “grt” Bambrough
Dan “mehleR” Mehler

Source: InsiderEsports