DKT Pre-Dreamhack Interview

BY Andrew Miesner / November 25, 2009

DKT Pre-Dreamhack Interview

Prior to his trip to Sweden for Dreamhack Winter 2009, we sat down with coL.QL’s Brian”dkt” Flander for a quick one on one session. The interview includes his thoughts on the event, the map lists and how he has been practicing up until the event.

On the subject of DreamHack, their map list was released with the launch of their winter registration; a lot of people had plenty to say about it and you were seen on eSReality commenting on those responses, saying that the map list was “irrelevant.” Could you elaborate on your comments?

Their rules are a drop-drop system, so if you don’t like a map, you can drop it. With the exception of 1-2 maps that aren’t included, the map list is solid.

Outside of its irrelevancy, what would be your personal map list for an event if you could choose it?

It would be the same map list that DH is using (dm6,ztn,t9,t7,dm13), however we need new maps, that is the root of the problem.

Quake Live itself has been receiving fairly steady updates over time. How do you like the game as it is now? Are there any changes that you’d like to see?

I think they are doing an amazing job with QuakeLIVE. SyncError, TTimo and others are involved in QuakeLIVE and they take measures to make sure the gamers have input.

Your trek to Sweden is fast approaching, and with many world-class players set to arrive at DreamHack’s winter event, do you think that the change in caliber will prompt you to change your approach to the way you play matches versus how you’re playing in ESL right now?

Without a doubt. Those ESL matches were matches I expected to have won. It’s hard to stay focused online all the time. On LAN its a different atmosphere and mindset.

What are you personally expecting from yourself at this event? Are you able to have lots of time to prepare?

I expect to play my best and what that translates into, only time will tell. The goal is always to win.

Thanks for your time Brian, is there anything you’d like to end with?

Big thanks to compLexity and the fans for the support. I would also like to thank CREATIVE for their amazing headsets, as well as Puretrak for providing me with one of the best pad surfaces I’ve ever used! I look forward to representing coL in their first trip to Sweden in quite a long time and hope to make the fans proud!