dkt to ESL Global Finals

BY Andrew Miesner / February 20, 2010

After a dissapointing placing at ESL Edmonton, Brian “dkt” Flander will have the oppurtunity to prove himself as he has been inserted into the lineup of competitors with the departure of Cyrus ‘proZaC’ Malekani, who couldn’t make the trip. Brian will be joining coL.cs and coL.WoW as they will be making the trip to Hannover, Germany for CeBit. He has been placed in Group B, which officially completes the competitor list.

Group B

Tim ‘DaHanG’ Fogarty
Thomas ‘griffin’ Wall
Alexei ‘Cypher’ Yanushevsky
Kevin ‘Strenx’ Baeza
Magnus ‘fox’ Olsson
Brian ‘dkt’ Flander

Quake Live competition at the ESL Global Finals is set to begin on March 3rd, 2010.