Dog DreamHack Bound

BY Andrew Miesner / November 27, 2014

by Sören ‘Fantasy’ Vendsahm

DreamHack Winter 2014 is right around the corner and with it a massive Hearthstone Championship with $25,000 on the line. 32 of the best players from North America and Europe will embark towards the adventurous journey that Jönköping, Sweden has in store for them. Included in those 32 players is compLexity’s very own David ‘Dog’ Caero.

The North American player couldn’t secure a direct invitation against stiff competition in that category, but he was able to make a run in the qualifiers. Beating out 527 fellow Hearthstone players, Dog was able to bite down on several opponents, leading him straight into the prestigious competition at the Elmia.

The beloved streamer and high legend player has boarded the plane for his second trip to Europe in his tenure with compLexity Gaming. In October his destination was Krefeld, Germany for the second iteration of the SeatStory Cup in the TakeTV studios, now the Texas native will have to get accustomed with the stiff and cold Swedish winter. Despite the cold weather outside, the Hearthstone competition will heat up beginning today. Accomplished players including all the previous DreamHack Champions Thalai, Gaara, ThijsNL and Rdu will be present, just like SeatStory Cup Champion Savjz, BlizzCon World Champion Firebat, IEM Shengzhen winner Amaz and Viagame House Cup Champion Kolento. All of them and several other top-notch player and beloved personalities will heat up the Inn with elite Hearthstone action.

In Group C the Texas boy will have stiff competition right from the get-go, facing Ukrainian star and new Team Liquid member Neirea in the opener. Other opponents in the group include WEC Champion TidesofTimes, TempoStorm captain Reynad, Finnish superstar Savjz and new myInsanity member Mirarri. With that list he is not only facing strong opponents all around, but also has the top 2 of SeatStory Cup blocking his path to the Quarterfinals of DreamHack Winter 2014.

The Hearthstone action will start on Thursday, November, 27th with Group A and Group B. Dog will enter the competition one day later on November, 28th with all of his group stage matches. The special thing about these groups is, that they are a mini tournament inside the overall Hearthstone Championship event. The eight contestants will enter a Double Elimination bracket to determine who’s moving on to the Championship Bracket on Saturday. The big conclusion with the Grand Finals is scheduled for November, 29th when the field of 32 hopefuls will be cut down significantly and only the last two players will stand a chance to hold up the check and the trophy in the DreamArena. Will Dog only bark or does he bite and avenge the mediocre LAN record so far? DreamHack will provide all the answers when their partner Viagame brings you all the action from the virtual table in the crowded Inn.

Matches will be streamed live on Viagame.