Dog Qualifies for SeatStory Cup #2!

BY Andrew Miesner / October 3, 2014

by Sören ‘Fantasy’ Vendsahm

Most of the attention in the Hearthstone community is currently aimed at China, where Noxious, compLexity’s newest member, has joined players from around the world to strive for glory at the WCS festivities. Back in America the preparations for the Blizzcon qualifier have started, and in Europe the two house tournaments are looking to turn October into a Hearthstone festival month.

Part of this festival in the cozy environment of the TakeTV studio will be coL.Dog. The first member of coL.Hearthstone managed to pull through the second qualifier today, clinching a seed in the prestigious SeatStory Cup #2. After missing the cut by just inches a week ago, Dog was brought into the second phase this week, skipping the Swiss tournament stage. He proceeded to capitalize on that small advantage and swept both of his first opponents, bringing him into prime position for a spot in Krefeld, Germany.

Three spots were open, and for a while it looked like the streak of bad luck would continue for the popular player. The semifinals were lost with an incredible streak of Innervates by Freakeh, who clinched a Finals appearance with his Druid deck. Dog was down to the third place match- the all-deciding match. He and Danish player cookie were entering a battle in which only the winner could represent himself at the SeatStory Cup. Dog lost the first matchup, but then clutched the second and third with his glorified and known Ramp Druid deck – earning himself an invite straight to Dennis ‘Take’ Gehlen’s studio apartment.

The SeatStory Cup #2 will be even more of a highlight than it’s predecessor – a tournament that was studded with most of the ESGN Fight Night talent back in March, 2014. Since then the Hearthstone scene has evolved and grown, a change that will also reflect in the new look of the SeatStory Cup.

In March only eight players competed for $15,000 USD. This time the house will be filled by four times as many people. Dog will join known and popular players like defending champion StrifeCro, Finnish superstar Savjz, Tempo Storm members Gaara and Reynad and many more in his quest to capture the $10,000 USD for first place. The action will go down live in Krefeld, Germany starting on Thursday, October, 16th and by the end of that weekend the second SeatStory Cup champion in Hearthstone will be crowned.