Dog Returns to ESL

BY Andrew Miesner / January 31, 2015

by Sören ‘Fantasy’ Vendsahm

This weekend ESL Legendary Series goes into a new round with a new approach. After all spots for the big Burbank LAN finals were wrapped up two weeks ago, the popular tournament went back to a King of the Hill format – this time with a twist. compLexity Gaming’s Alchemixt was the first player of the red and black brand to test it out, this week now it’s Dog’s turn to shine.

With ESL hauling in a special sponsor just for this edition, the prize structure got revamped and is set to give away $7,000 USD this Saturday. Seven players will try to climb the mountain and stay on top as long as they possibly can, all for the massive incentive of one grand USD per win.

On top of that, the required stipulation, or secret ingredient,of this week promises to make things exciting as well. Last week all four Brewmaster cards had to be in every deck, this time around the focus is on the Legendary cards of the Hearthstone universe. Seven Legendaries have to be in the decks, of varying mana cost. The players have to decide which particular Legendary will fill their 6 spot, have to chose between Dr. Boom or Baron Geddon and have to pick whether a 3 mana Legendary fits their deck or they might have to call upon the service of Deathwing.

So tune in to tonight at 10 PM CET / 4 PM EST when Frodan and Azumoqt guide you through Legendary Galore in the quest to find a King of the Hill.