Dog to China for NEL Winter

BY Andrew Miesner / January 31, 2015

by Sören ‘Fantasy’ Vendsahm

As eSports have become more and more popular, the dream of every player has been to travel the world and play in exotic locations. compLexity’s own David ‘Dog’ Caero will now have that opportunity, as he looks to add a trip to China to his resume.

The popular player and rising star in the tournament scene will travel far east at the end of February in order to compete in the upcoming Winter Season of NEL. Dog, who already has two LAN events in Europe under his belt, will bring the red and black to spice up the roster of TempoStorm. The team representing blue and white called for assistance from coL in order to fill their roster and have strong contenders across the board.

Right off the bat TempoStorm and compLexity’s all-star squad will have tough tasks at hand, being seeded in the same group with NEL Autumn winner Yolo Miracle and third place finisher Newbee. Alongside those returning powerhouses Big3 and Kapai-Cabbages round out the group in which the unlikely fusion will try to keep the dreams of the North American and European region alive.

“It’s like a dream come true.” said David ‘Dog’ Caero after hearing the news. “These last months with coL have opened up so many paths. Traveling to Germany, traveling to Sweden and now going to China. I am honored to have been picked and I hope I can infuse some compLexity power into the TempoStorm lines.”

For Dog it will be the opportunity of a lifetime, not only seeing a foreign and far away country and getting in touch with an ancient culture, but also in terms of refining his game. Ever since signing with compLexity, the learning curve of the young Texan boy has been leaning straight up. In every tournament, in every offline event he learned and picked up new tricks, netting him a Top 10 placement in the current GosuGamers ranking. Now he will get the chance to pick up the mysteries of the Asian region to become the ultimate Hearthstone player.

Together with the TempoStorm crew we will try and strive for a better outing for the Western scene than was last presented in the Autumn competition. Back then Liquid and Friends tested the Eastern waters, trying to make a splash. Unfortunately they took more of a dive and were unceremoniously relegated to the last place of the group. coL and T/S will try to spark new hope for the Western region against the toughest competition in all of Asia.

TempoStorm/compLexity Roster for the event:

  • Dog
  • Reynad
  • Gaara
  • Hyped