Doom 4 Names Writer

BY Andrew Miesner / January 15, 2009

The Doom franchise is considered by many to be one of the single most important reasons that the 1v1 FPS scene gained traction on a global level.  Back in May of 2007 iD Software revealed there would be another episode in the Doom series. 

According to

As true as that may be, the project’s been completely under wraps for the best part of a year and a half. Nothing is known about where the series will go next, though it’s presumed that Doom 4 will continue where Doom 3 left off (in space and hell, in case you forgot).

CVG can confirm that British Fantasy award winning author Graham Joyce is writing the story to the game as you read this, though he had signed his life away and was unable to tell us anything about the direction the game was taking. We did ask. “I can say that ID have hired me to help develop the storyline potential,” was all Joyce would give us when contacted.

Joyce has published fourteen novels and twenty-six short stories to date. He even picked up a few British Fantasy awards, so he knows what he’s doing. Does he know Doom though? We’ll have to wait and find out.


Source: CVG