Dreamhack Prizes Reduced

BY Andrew Miesner / November 10, 2009

Gamers will see a lower prize payout for DreamHack Winter compared to Last Year. DreamHack has announced the prize payouts for DreamHack Winter only about 2 weeks before the event is set to kick off. DreamHack Winter is scheduled for November 26th – 29th in Jönköping, Sweden.

This total is €1,500 less than DreamHack Winter ’08 in which the total payout was €19,500 ($30,000). There will also be less hardware given away this year, The only hardware that will be awarded is the Sennheiser PC350, which will be given to the 3rd and 4th place finishers. During DreamHack Winter 2008 the amount of hardware that was given was nearly equal to the cash prize pot. Twelve teams are still yet to be decided to fill up the 32 team event. Expect a list of the attending teams once all qualified and invited teams are decided.

Prize Payouts

1st- €9,700 ( $14,500 USD)
2nd- €4,900 ( $7,250 USD)
3rd- €2,500 ( $3,750 USD) + 5 x Sennheiser PC350
4th- €970 ( $1,450 USD) + 5 x Sennheiser PC350

Total Prize Pot–  €18000 ( nearly $27,000 USD )