Dreamhack Stockholm Invitational

BY Andrew Miesner / April 11, 2011

Tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM EST the Dreamdrehack Stockholm Invitational StarCraft II tournament will be kicking off. With an impressive player list consisting of: MC, Jinro, IdrA, Huk, Morrow, White-Ra, TLO and Sjow, entertaining games are pretty much guaranteed. Top that with the fact that the winner will be taking home 100,000 SEK (roughly $16,000) and you can bet each player will be playing his heart out.

Coverage of the tournament will be provided by DreamHacktv, with casting by Shaun ”Apollo” Clark and Benjamin ”Demuslim” Baker.

The bracket looks like:

Dreamhack bracket


The format is relatively simple. Every game except the grand final will be a best of three. The final match will be a best of five. Unfortunately there is no information available regarding the map pool.

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