DreamHack Summer 2010

BY Andrew Miesner / March 30, 2010

DreamHack Summer 2010 has been annouced and will take place at Elmia, in Jönköping from the 19th – 22nd of June. Sixteen teams will be participating in this years DreamHack but only seven slots are secured for the international qualifiers.

The international qualifiers locations have been confirmed and will be held at Turkey, Norway, Belgium, and the Netherlands. In addition, the winner of DreamHack Winter 2009, Meet Your Makers, have been invited to the summer event.

The prize purse for this years DreamHack Summer event is €10,000 with the addition to five €500 gift cards from KVD, who is one of Scandinavia’s top-leading auction websites. In addition, KVD will also be presented at this years DreamHack Winter, handing out a  €10,000 gift voucher to the winner.

The prize distribution for DreamHack Summer 2010 is below:

1. €6,150 + €2,500 KVD voucher
2. €3,075
3. €1,025

For more information on DreamHack Summer 2010, visit the DreamHack’s website here

Source: HLTV.org