Dreamhack Winter Updates

BY Andrew Miesner / November 18, 2009

Details have been filtering in regarding updates to the Dreamhack Winter event, taking place November 26th-29th. The first of which, is an update to the Quake tournaments and the reported prizes.

 Quake Live Quake World
 1. $3,600
 1. $1,000
 2. $2,000  2. $700
 3. $1,400  3. $400

**Prizes are rounded approximations based on potential currency conversion

Among the prize details, was also word that Dreamhack will be utilizing LAN servers for their Quake Live event, which is a welcome addition that almost everyone is happy to see.

Another important announcement was that all Quake matches will be played on the Samsung 2233rz 120Hz LCDs. While used at the last event, Counter-Strike ended up with them, meaning Quake was only able to use the 120hz LCDs in the finals.

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