Drew Interviewed by Fnatic

BY Andrew Miesner / February 24, 2010

coL.cs’s strat caller, Drew “Irukandji” Timmerman has recentely been interviewed by Fnatic. The interview previews the upcoming ESL IEM Global Finals in Hannover, Germany where coL will be starting in Group B along with the likes of SK, WMF and MYM. Drew talks about the possibility of a coL Bootcamp in Sweden as well as his man crush on Sam Matthews. Below is an excerpt from the interview:


Does it make you feel frustrated in any way the fact that you’re going to the upcoming Global Finals as the second qualified North American representative?

Can’t say that really makes a difference to us at this point. We obviously were upset at our performance in Canada, but it’s basically a clean slate for the Global Finals so nothing to beat ourselves up over at this point.

You’ve previously mentioned the opportunity of putting together a bootcamp for a couple of weeks in Europe. How are the arrangements for that coming along?

We unfortunately don’t have the luxury of being able to play full-time so we’re all quite busy in other areas, but the plan is still on pending individual commitments to school/work/etc. The plan would be to live in Sweden for a couple months during the summer when most of us are on break from our respective universities.

In that sense, are you preparing to fly over to Germany prior to the event to get accommodated with both the location and some of the Euro teams?

No, unfortunately time and money did not allow us to do so. We will, however, be making sure to consume as much beer, sausages, sauerkraut, and pumpernickel as humanly possible upon arrival to acclimate ourselves as quickly as possible.


The full interview can be found at Fnatic.com