Drewbie’s Terran vs Terran Build Order on G4’s TheFeed

BY Andrew Miesner / July 13, 2011

compLexity’s own Drew “Drewbie” Moysey has been featured on G4’s TheFeed with an instructional Terran vs Terran build order video.

Drewbie covers the following steps:

  • At 10 supply build a Suppy Depot
  • At 12 supply build a Barracks
  • At 13 supply build a Refinery
  • At 15 supply upgrade your Command Center into an Orbital Command Center
  • Pump marines non-stop from Barracks
  • At 18 supply build a Factory
  • At 20 supply build your second Refinery
  • At 23 supply build a Supply Depot
  • Build a Starport right when your Factory finishes (around 23 supply)
  • Build 3 hellions in a row from your Factory
  • Build a medivac from your Starport right when it finishes
  • At 6:20 when your Orbital Command Center hits 50 energy scan your opponent, it’s the perfect timing to see their tech choice
  • Move out into map with 8 marines + 3 hellion + 1 medivac
  • After you build 3 hellions make a Tech Lab on your Factory
  • After 1 medivac make a Tech Lab on your Starport



For the original post on TheFeed, click here.