Drewbie’s Terran vs Zerg Build Order on G4’s TheFeed

BY Andrew Miesner / July 11, 2011

compLexity’s own Drew “Drewbie” Moysey has been featured on G4’s TheFeed with an instructional Terran vs Zerg build order video.

Drewbie covers the following steps:

Here are all of the steps that Drewbie goes over in the video:

  • At 10 supply build a Supply Depot
  • At 12 supply build a Barracks
  • At 15 supply upgrade your Command Center in to an Orbital Command Center
  • Pump marines nonstop from your Barracks
  • At 16 supply build a Supply Depot
  • Once you have 400 minerals make a second Command Center at your expansion (18-19 supply)
  • When you get 150 minerals build a Refinery on both of your gas (20-21 supply)
  • At 23 supply make a Bunker at your expansion
  • At 24 supply build a Supply Depot
  • When you have 100 gas make your first Factory (around 27-29 supply)
  • When you have your second 100 gas make your second factory (around 28-30 supply )
  • At 50 gas make a Reactor on your Barracks (stop pumping marines after 6 to make Reactor)
  • Upgrade your expansion Command Center in to an Orbital Command Center when expansion is down (30 supply)
  • Build a Tech Lab on the first Factory (around 30-31 supply )
  • Switch the 2nd factory with the Barracks, to give it the reactor you made on the Barracks
  • At 36 supply build a Supply Depot
  • Upgrade pre-igniter (blue flame) right when Tech Lab finishes on the Factory
  • Pump hellions non-stop from both Factories
  • At 42 supply build a Supply Depot
  • Try to keep well ahead on Supply Depots, even making 2 at once; you will have extra minerals at this point
  • At 52 supply build an Engineering Bay and an Armory
  • At 52 supply take your 3rd and 4th gas geysers at your expansion
  • Attack with hellions right when pre-igniter finishes (around 60 supply)



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