DRG on GOMtv’s GSL Off The Record

BY Andrew Miesner / February 3, 2012

Last night saw the first episode of GOMtv’s new talk show “GSL Off The Record.” For the first guest GOMtv chose to have none other than coL.MVP DongRaeGu. DRG was joined by Artosis and John as he answered interview questions and played games with fans on the North American server.

If you missed out on Off The Record, don’t fret. There will be VoDs available starting Monday. At first GOMtv was going to limit VoD access to for monthly premium subscribers and yearly GSL or GSTL premium/premium+ ticket owners. After hearing from fans, however, GOMtv rethought their decision and released the following statement:


Off The Record is our first StarCraft II related extra content specifically produced for and aimed at the global audience. The conception of the show is a recent development and not part of the premium features we initially had in mind when we released the new ticket policy last year. But as a thank you for your support, the HQ live stream of the show is exclusively available to yearly premium/premium+ and monthly premium subscribers. The free SQ live stream is available to all users.

It is however our intention to let as many people as possible enjoy GSL Off The Record. For this reason we will make the VOD of the show available for free in HQ for all global users 3 days after the show has aired (Monday around noon Korean time).


Since the VoDs will be free for a few days starting Monday, you really have no excuse to not watch the show, especially considering all of the crazy handicaps they had to put on DRG so his games would be somewhat fair on the NA server (playing with chop sticks etc).