DRG to Dreamhack Valencia

BY Andrew Miesner / August 30, 2011

compLexity.MVP’s Park Soo Ho (“DongRaeGu”) has been invited to participate in the Dreamhack Valencia Invitational tournament, which features some of Starcraft 2’s most prominent players. The tournament is set to take place in Valencia, Spain at the Veles e Vents building located in the Valencia Street Formula1 Circuit and the 33rd America’s Cup harbour.

Players will be competing for a $15,800 first place prize, as well as an invitation to Dreamhack Winter 2011 for the top two finishers.

Invited Players

  • Infi
  • IdrA
  • HuK
  • Naniwa
  • Thorzain
  • DongRaeGu


Game format: 1vs1 BO3 (BO5 Final)
Tournament format: Single Elimination Bracket
Dates: Saturday, September 17th.
Maps/Rules: TBA


100 000 SEK ($15,800 USD)

  • 1st – 100 000 SEK + Wildcard to DreamHack Winter 2011
  • 2nd – Wildcard to DreamHack Winter 2011


More information about the Dreamhack Valencia Invitational can be found by clicking here.