Reverts to Sway Gaming

BY Andrew Miesner / April 30, 2009

Team EG started out as a Canadian-Based counter strike squad, but just recently announced the demise of their Canadian team.  Their Canadian team has housed some of the best and most notable counter strike players of their days, some including: Stevenson, Lari, Blackpather, Garett and shaGuar.

 “EG’s Canadian Counter-Strike division will be placed as inactive; the players in the team’s current roster will be released, and the organization with be without a Canadian CS division for an indefinite period of time.”

Garfield was also quoted saying, “However, we just feel that at this point, keeping the new team we’ve had over the past several months was not the best way to reach out and represent the Canadian community. So, we’ve decided to – for the first time in over five years – not have an active Canadian Counter-Strike division. This is not a permanent move, and I want to assure everyone in the North American community that there will be an Counter-Strike lineup again in the future, but for now it was the right move for our organization.” Alex Garfield is looking to, in the near future, put out a new Canadian counter strike 1.6 squad.

It seems as though the decision not only came from the EG staff, but the ex- team. Matt “adr” Caverly was quoted saying, “I feel it is an appropriate decision for us to step down. EG deserves nothing but the best, and I don’t feel we can properly represent the organization at this point in time. Various obligations in our personal lives have left us with little time to adequately prepare.” Later in the interview, Matt went on to thank the Evil Genius organization for the excellent opportunity that was given to him and his teammates.

The official released roster is as follows:

Matt “adr” Caverly
Nicolas “chosen” Lalonde
Halston “Tekn1kal” Bellintani
Pedro “YaYooo-” Morim
Armeen “a2z” Toussi
Wilson “ryennn” Chen
Dave “heller” Marentette

The roster listed above will be going back to Sway Gaming. They are, as it stands, going to continue playing counter strike 1.6 together as a team.