EG Picks Up WC3 Division

BY Andrew Miesner / April 16, 2009

The Evil Genisus organization has recentely just announced on the live esports talk-show, Lo3, that they have picked up international superstar, Grubby, and 2 other WC3 players from overseas. This brings the EG.WC3 roster to:

Manuel Grubby Schenkhuizen
Dmitry Happy Kostin
Rene Ciara Krag
Siew Lan Cassandra Ng (Manager)

Team EG, North America’s premier professional gaming organization, is proud to announce that effective immediately a new division will be launched for the popular Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game, WarCraft 3. This move will mark the second time the organization steps foot into the RTS realm this month, bringing yet another top team to North America.

Featured in this new division are some of the most renowned players within the WarCraft community. Embracing the Team EG traditional blue colors will be top WarCraft 3 player, Manuel ‘Grubby’ Schenkhuizen. Joining him will be his former teammates from MeetYourMakers, Dmitriy ‘Happy’ Kostin and Rene ‘Ciara’ Krag, with Cassandra Ng coming along as the team?s manager.

Schenkhuizen should need no introduction. Becoming one of the most recognized names in eSports, Schenkhuizen has placed first in many prominent events such as the World Series of Video Games (WSVG), the World eSports Festival (WeF), BlizzCon, the World Cyber Games (WCG), and the Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC). Additionally, he has received two eSports WarCraft 3 Player of the Year Awards and was chosen as the eSports Player of the Year overall for 2006. His astounding seven eSports Award nominations and three eSports Award victories are both world records. He has also received the Most Valuable Player title in the WarCraft 3 Champions League an impressive four times.

“I’m glad that I can finally announce that I will be part of Team Evil Geniuses from now on. Team EG has had a strong position in North America so far, and now they’re looking to expand internationally. That’s great news for me, because I was looking for something new already,? said Schenkhuizen, the new EG.WC3 captain. ?It’s incredibly exciting that I can be working together with EG as I plan my future for the coming year(s). Having a great new spiffy looking website, EG’s already made at least one wish come into fulfillment for me.”

“They were also interested in incorporating a top-ranked WC3L team into their organisation, which means Happy and Ciara will continue to fight with me for more team victories, under Cassandra’s WC3 Managerial role,” he said. “Moreover, we’re finally getting the support that we all crave: being able to visit tournaments that we get invited for and qualify for. I couldn’t be happier. Let’s grow together.”

“This is truly a great day for the Evil Geniuses brand, organization, sponsors, and players. Today we welcome a new division full of internationally renowned talent, and players who have already accumulated dozens upon dozens of landmark results,” said Alex Garfield, Executive Director of Team EG. “It’s an absolute honor to welcome Grubby, Happy, Ciara, and Cassandra to Team EG. I’d like to thank all of EG’s sponsors, including Intel, Peregrine, Kingston, and especially SteelSeries, for making this possible.”

Team EG?s new WC3 division will be in attendance at all major upcoming events, both regional and domestic, including the upcoming ESWC Korea event, at which Grubby and Happy will both be in attendance. For additional information, visit

About Team EG

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