EG, SK with changes

BY Andrew Miesner / December 9, 2009

The ESL American Championship are being held this weekend in Edmonton, Canada. So far there are six confirmed teams, with two additonal spots still up for grabs.

Both SK-Gaming.USA and EG.WoW have made changes to their lineup’s. Tim ‘kollektiv’ Yen was traded to SK for Marc ‘Pookz” Rendon. This is the second roster change for EG in the last two events; in Anaheim they used Smatin.

SK.USA got off to an amazing start in 2009. They were able to win MLG Columbus and then the American Regional Finals. After not making top 4 in Dallas the team chemistery quickly went down hill. At MLG Anaheim, they finished in last place, going 1-6.

SK.USA is also welcoming Alexander ‘Glickz’ Hloderwski, who is known for his days with fnatic.

We’re extremely pleased to be able to welcome Pookz into the EG family. He has proven himself extensively with SK US in the past months, and we feel he’ll bring the same skill and desire to win here to EG. Although we haven’t had much time to practice, we’re meshing extremely well and are definitely looking forward to competing at ESL Edmonton.” Azael,

First of all I must say that it is quite sad to see our old team disband. Pookz, Realz and Enforcer landed a great comeback in 2009 by winning their first MLG event and also managed to take home gold at the Blizzard Regional Finals of North America. Sadly their streak came to an end which slowly led to the circumstance that the chemistry within the team started to rumble. SK Gaming wants to thank the old team for the awesome time and wishes Pookz and Enforcer good luck for their future teams. Simultaneously SK Gaming can welcome two new faces to the team. Realz will be continuing as the team captain with former EG kollektiv and fnatic Glickz completing the lineup of three. Their first appearance will be this weekend in Edmonton. Timothy Elleresiek, SK Manager;

SK.USA WoW is now:

Ryan ‘Realz’ Masterso
Alexander ‘Glickz’ Hloderwski
Tim ‘Kollektiv’ Yen

EG.WoW is now:

Isaac ‘Azael’ Cummings-Bentley
Mark ‘Pookz’ Rendon
Charles ‘Tenderloin’ Dewland