EG.TF2 to Dynamic

BY Andrew Miesner / December 10, 2010

Since the removal of the roster from the website, speculation has surrounded where team would now call home. Fortunately for them, Dynamic announced today, via their website, that the former-EG team would dawn the Dynamic tag as they participate in ESEA Season 8.


After a long departure from the TF2 scene, we at Team Dynamic are proud to announce our return.  Helping us bring our name back to the top is a team comprised of six veteran players that are no stranger to anyone that has followed TF2 competition since it began.  Today, we officially announce that Dynamic has picked up the squad last seen playing under the Evil Geniuses banner.

All six members have been playing together since before the last season of ESEA.  Long time veterans of Team EG, cyzer and Reptile, picked up dummy a few seasons back when destro couldn’t find the time to compete any longer.  Then, before the last season, the three added CB, ducky, and bloodsire (previously of Muscle Milk and Moolians and Area 51) to round out a starting six.

With the next season of ESEA quickly approaching, it won’t be long before we’re able to see this team in action once again.  With an all-star lineup, Season 8 is shaping up to provide fans a number of good quality matches for Dynamic.  Keep checking into and #teamdynamic in IRC for the latest updates on all our teams.


To fulfill their roster, the team also announced the addition of Len “CB” Talarico, Nick “ducky” Robson and Jay “BloodSire” Sire to join Nick “ducky” Robson, Tim “dummy” Olson and Adam “Reptile” Dopko.

Team Dynamic 2011

Jay “BloodSire” Sire
Len “CB” Talarico
Paul “CyZeR” S
Nick “ducky” Robson
Tim “dummy” Olson
Adam “Reptile” Dopko


Source: Dynamic