EM Chengdu

BY Andrew Miesner / September 30, 2009

Starting tomorrow, October 1st, twelve of the top teams in the world will descend upon Chengdu, China for the Intel Extreme Masters Chendu Global Challenge. They will be battling it out for over $40,000 in prizes.

There will be four groups at the start of the tournament, with 3 teams in each group. The top two from each group will then be seeded into an eight team double-elimination bracket.

Prize Breakdown

1st – $15,000
2nd – $7,500
3rd – $5,000
4th – $2,500
5th-8th – $1,500
9th-12th – $1,000

Official Team List

Sweden fnatic – cArn, f0rest, dsn, GeT_RiGhT, GuX
China SC.United – Jungle, CKX, K1ngZ, Kuber, P1rate
China TyLoo – alex, goodrifle, tb, wx, xf
Sweden SK Gaming – walle, allen, RobbaN, face, kHRYSTAL
South Korea Wemade FOX – glow, solo, garsia, bail, termi
Kazakhstan k23 – AdreN, anv1k, MihaO, N1ck3L, Turbo
United States Evil Geniuses – n0thing, Storm, Warden, fRoD, lurppis
Brazil mibr – cogu, btt, bit, spacca, ton
Singapore TitaNs – Matrix!, StrykerX. sniggy, Fer, syck
Germany Mousesports – cyx, gob_b, Kapio, Tixo, cash
China wNv Team Work – zy, Rita, smallboy, savage, Virgo
Uzbekistan Pincho Wings – episode, DiLex, exMI, jtx, Thommes

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