EM4 Dubai Quake Groups Released

BY Andrew Miesner / October 13, 2009

The Intel Extreme Masters Quake tournament held in Dubai on Saturday October 17, 2009, will play host to some of the best quake action since QuakeCon in mid August. Consisting of sixteen viably competitive players, look for one group in particular to stand out more than the rest going into match play.

Group A, now deemed “Group of Death,” will consist of 4 very consistent players that have come across major wins/exposure on the international level. Starting off the group, Shane ‘rapha’ Hendrixson has linked up two great wins coming in 1st at both QuakeCon and Gamescom in 2009 being ranked #1 in QuakeLive competition throughout it’s earliest forms of development on LAN type environments. Another very known player in this group, Magus ‘fox’ Olsson, hasn’t been seen too much of late but was recently acquired by mousesports, which will not settle for anything less than an excellent performance.

Rounding out the group are Anton ‘Cooller’ Singov and Pierre-Emeric ‘link1n’ Potier. Cooller has been seen proving himself very talented in both Quake 3 and 4 with titles ranging all over the spectrum. Alongside Anton, link1n, a great team death match player, has proven that he can compete against any top tier foe that comes in his way.

Each match will consist of a best of three format with the top two in each group advancing to a single elimination bracket. The groups are not 100% final, but update will be here when and if they become available.

Look for some exciting action including a few upsets, as many well known Quake players come together to battle it out in the new QuakeLive realm.

Group A
United States of America Shane “SK|rapha” Hendrixson
Sweden Magnus “mouz.fox” Olsson
Russia Anton “mouz.Cooller” Singov
France Pierre-Emeric “fnaticl1nkje” Portier

Group B
Austria Richard “vtL/noctis” Gansterer
Italy Alessandro “fnaticstermy” Avallone
Sweden Pelle “xlo-fazz” Söderman
Germany Felix “mTw|smoke” Pafel

Group C
Sweden Sebastian “fnaticspart1e” Siira
United States of America Tim “EG|DaHanG” Fogarty
China Zhibo “RazerJibo” Fan
United Arab Emirates Anas “spammah” Ilyas

Group D
Belarus Alexey “srs/rzr/cypher” Yanushevsky
France Kévin “fnaticstrenx” Baeza
United States of America Chance “EG|Chance” Lacina
Sweden Michael “xlo-madix” Hindersson