eMg Picks up Xp3, NSU in Ruins?

BY Andrew Miesner / June 26, 2009

Just recently eMg picked up the CEVO-P team Ruins and they have now made a roster change. eMg has removed Keith “Keefers” Spies, a long time team member, and picked up David “Xp3” Garrido to replace him. Xp3 is known for his recent showing on North Stars United. Keefers will no longer be a part of the team from this point forward. Xp3 has been dominating matches, posting the highest FPR on the team for NSU with a .731.

Right now it is uncertain what NSU will do after losing a critical part of their team. They have used him in most of their online play, but knew he would not be able to play in the World Cyber Games. This leaves the door open for team changes, or possibly, the death of NSU.

eMg team manager, Thomas “Rasmus” Nabors had this to say about the roster changes:

We are very happy to have David apart of this team. Picking him up will be great for our team both in aim and experience. When we picked up these guys we definitely wanted it to be a work in progress with this roster so we could mold and shape it over time. This is a very good start to the molding process I would have to say. We are all very eager to see them in action and look for a top performance at our first event.

The new roster for eMg is:

Dustin “dizzaman” Dilyerd
Chris “truls” Navratil
Sean “sgares” Gares
Alex “millipede” Abbott
David “Xp3” Garrido