Epileptic Gaming Returns!

BY Andrew Miesner / January 30, 2009


Tonight marks a special occassion in gamer broadcasting:  Epileptic Gaming returns!!

Yes, the boistrous and irreverant show is back.  Started by Marcus “DJWheat” Graham and his crew back in 2003, EG recently celebrated its 6th birthday.  Nerds everywhere can now rejoice because EG is back to bring you your weekly dose of everything gaming.

Here’s what DJWheat has to say about tonight’s show:


I’ve been waiting a long time to write this post.  In fact, I’ve been waiting almost 9 months.  Sorry if I seem a bit rusty… ahem.

This Friday night (January 30th, 2009) at 7PM EST marks the return of the self-proclaimed, “Best Video Game Show Ever”.  Join djWHEAT, Force, and NiceGuyEd as they return to the host combination that carried the show for nearly 70 episodes prior to Epileptic Gaming going video.

Episode #160 – “EG Returns”

-News of the Year? – The hosts discuss news items that hit when the show was off the air

-GAME-TALK: Resident Evil 5 Demo, Gears of War 2, Fallout 3, Rock Band vs. GH: World Tour

-Open Phones: What games did you love/hate while EG was AFK?

Stop by the show page (http://www.djWHEAT.tv) Friday @ 7PM EST for a front row ticket to another chapter in the history of the long running Epileptic Gaming!

Podcast and VOD’s will be available the next day (Saturday) check back to djWHEAT.tv for updates.

EDIT:  One last thing… I’m not sure what everyone is expecting from this episode.  Hell, even I’m not sure what to expect!  But I want people to know this episode isn’t going to be the same POLISHED product we worked so hard to deliver at GGL.  If you saw our progression from Episode #96 to #158, you knew that the show evolved over time.  I expect a similar experience, just as it has over the 6 years of it’s existance.  What I know you can expect… is EG Opinions from the EG Crew.  Peace.

You can watch EG on CTN HERE, or if you’d like to join the chat watch it HERE.


Everyone here at CTN wishes Wheat and the EG guys the very best on their return to net broadcasting glory!  Keep it locked to compLexityGaming.com: YOUR source for professional gaming news and entertainment!


Recordings of the Show

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