ESEA 1.6 Map Team

BY Andrew Miesner / February 12, 2009

Craig “Torbull” Levine, one of the owners of ESEA, has made an announcement that many Counter-Strike 1.6 fans may find very interesting.  The organization has enlisted a group of top map makers to make new 1.6 maps.

I’m not suggesting we replace any of the others, but a little more variety certainly wouldn’t do any harm! It isn’t going to be easy and there is no guaranteed success, but we’ve enlisted the help of some of the top CS map makers (sorry, narby has since moved on) to work with a team of CS legends and professionals every step along the way.

The team includes:

Bryant “samples” Dugan

Ted “cashed” McIlwain

Blake “dootcher” Dutcher

Al “Drax” Mendoza

Colin “brute” Volrath

In addition, ESEA has enlisted several well known professional players to assist the map making team.  KSharp, Warden and Heaton are on the list.


For more details, click HERE.