ESEA Announces S8 Team List

BY Andrew Miesner / December 23, 2010

ESEA has released the list of teams that have been invited to compete in the ESEA Season 8 Counter-Strike Invite league. The list of teams includes, as usual, North American powerhouse Evil Geniuses. Frag Dominant, Season 7’s second place finisher, is also . Other notable teams include The Dons, Damage, Inc. and Area 51. ESEA is allowing the fans to vote on which team will make the 12th slot.

The three teams up for voting are: Damn We Are Good (ESEA-Main S7 2nd Place) Revolution Sports (ESEA-Main S7 3rd Place) FURY Gaming (ESEA-Main S7 4th Place).

mL Gaming
Damage Inc_
Hausen eSports
The Dons
Evil Geniuses
Frag Dominant CS

More information about the new season can be found at ESFI and ESEA.