ESEA Announces Season 3

BY Andrew Miesner / March 21, 2009

With season 2 of the ESEA League coming to its final weeks, details for an improved season 3 have been announced. It has beenn announced that there will be a $35,000 prize pool across Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike: Source, and Team Fortress 2. Counter-Strike 1.6 will again feature invite (twelve teams), main, and open divisions and Counter-Strike: Source and Team Fortress 2 will both have invite (eight teams) and open divisions.

Another exciting fact about the season 3 is that the CS 1.6 Invite playoffs will be held in a LAN tournament in either New York City, or Dallas, Texas.

Here are the benefits for playing in the ESEA League:

– Complete web match scheduling
All matches played on our ESEA servers across eight locations
Protection from our industry leading anti-cheat / config locking Client
Helpful team of handpicked paid league Admins who are active in each community
Complete box scores and stats for EVERY match (just as we have for pugs and scrims)
HLTV and SourceTV demo downloads for every match within 5 minutes of matches finishing
Automatic live HLTV and SourceTV for every match (unlimited number of spectators)
Automatic live irc scorebots for every match
Automatic POV demo recording
You build your permanent league record

Key changes from Season 2 to Season 3:

– Increased prize pot from $20,000 to $35,000
– Lowered price of open from $8 to $5
– All open divisions now have two matches per week
– Added invite divisions for Source and TF2
– All matches now feature unlimited slot HLTVs & SourceTVs
– 1.6 Invite LAN Playoffs

Registration for Season 3 will open April 5th, while the season starts the first week of May. Registration fees for the open divisions are $5 per player, and invite divisions are $8 per player. All entry fees go to the prize pot.