ESEA Cracks Down on Invite Division

BY Andrew Miesner / June 23, 2011

Today the ESEA announced that it will be starting a new program to help cut down on harassment and bad manners. Dubbed ESEA Invite Conduct Policy, this new program will highlight sportsmanship and general civil behavior by putting established teams into an elite Invite division. These invited teams will be held to a higher level of scrutiny so that they can be trendsetters and pillars of good faith in the community.

It’s no secret that our ever-expanding community can at times be a hotbed of immaturity, insecurity, and antagonism. Over the years we’ve somewhat policed it, mostly tolerated it, and created tools to isolate users from it through various privacy options, but it’s time we did more. While many might not admit this, and however lame it may sound, a vast group of our active members look up to Invite players as a level they someday hope to attain. Because of this, we feel one of the best ways to improve the behavior of the community is to start from the top down.

According to the ESEA punishment for Invite players who don’t meet the standards will run the gamut from “48 hour website ban to having their VIP Premium accounts revoked and being forced to sit out matches.”

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