ESEA LAN Preview: coL.TF2

BY Andrew Miesner / April 25, 2011

With the ESEA S8 LAN Playoffs and Finals right around the corner, ESEANews has compiled an ESEA preview for each of the teams. Today, coL.TF2 was highlighted in the article.

Below is an excerpt from the piece:



“The Greatest Roster TF2 has ever seen.” Carnage added three new heavies to the complexity roster, just as he had the previous season. Platinum, blackymonster, and smaka joined the roster, all having played on Blight together the season before. Originally, Sweater was going to be the demoman, but in a weird twist Blight and Complexity switched demomen. I will go more into detail about it during Blight’s article, but this switch ended up being the best for both teams. With Sweater on the team, they weren’t quite as strong of a team as they are now. Smaka fit in better with complexity’s style. No disrespect to Sweater, as he showed what a monster he was in Blight’s system.


The result of last season was a #1 seed heading into the playoffs. This season? Not quite the #1 seed, but pretty close. They quietly (thanks to Check Six) had a phenomenal season. They kind of dominated every other team but x6 this season, with the exception of a loss to eMg on coldfront in which Platinum admittedly didn’t have a very good game (it also happens to be one of eMg’s, and probably b4nny’s best map). They also dropped one game to the wonderfully talented Apocalypse Gaming on gravel pit, but we’ll ignore that. But for as much as they dominated every other team, they got dominated just as much by Check Six on koth_viaduct and cp_badlands. They finished with a strong 12-4 record and are the #2 seed going into LAN.

The strength of this time is obviously the scouts and the combo. It seems if you focus on shutting down carnage and enigma, then platinum will destroy your team. If you focus on making sure platinum and smaka don’t make an impact, carnage and enigma will tear up your flanks. It really is pick your poison against this team, which is one of the reasons they’ve really only lost to Check Six. Blackymonster continues to be a solid medic for complexity as he has one of the hardest jobs in invite. Healing for that team is definitely the most difficult team to medic for. Relic is continuing to play roaming soldier. While I don’t feel he makes a huge impact on the mid fights, I think he does a really good job on roamer otherwise. This roster really is extremely strong and has the potential to go nuts at LAN.


The Season 8 LAN Playoffs and Finals will be held in Dallas, Texas and will begin on April 30th. View the full article by clicking here.