ESEA Promises LAN for 6,000 New Subscribers

BY Andrew Miesner / August 22, 2011

Today ESEA announced that if it reaches 20,000 Premium subscriptions by the end of the year, the company will “throw a massive open LAN tournament next summer and guarantee a total prize pot of at least $100,000.” Promising to, “support whatever games are part of Premium come next year, and if the community wants it, we’ll make a point to throw one hell of a BYOC to go along with the main event.”

Currently, ESEA has 14,000 subscribers. In order to get the elusive 6,000 to join ESEA is revamping some of their features. The new referral system “features live rankings, free Premium accounts for the top 10 referrers, random monthly prizes for the top 100 referrers, as well as your ranking prominently displayed in your profile.” To add more incentive for current subscribers to pitch in, ESEA is promising to fly out the “#1 North American referrer to next summer’s event.”

Aside from the referral system, ESEA is also promising to “improve our search rankings, and have revamped the Premium Code system to help grow our international subscriber base.” The company will also be “unveiling a free game server network to feed into Premium, a guest pass code feature to help you refer more people and win, as well as spending some of our first dollars ever on actually advertising ESEA.”

With all these initiatives, gaining 6,000 new subscribers seems pretty obtainable. To find out more about ESEA and the benefits of their premium accounts, click here.