ESEA TF2 Server Plugin

BY Andrew Miesner / January 15, 2009

ESEA has recently released an open source plugin for Team Fortress 2 servers.  The “ESEA TF2 League Standards Plugin”.

We’ve decided to release an open source plugin for TF2 that we’re calling the “ESEA TF2 League Standards Plugin”. Installing this on your server will create the same environment you can expect when playing a match on our servers (in respects to damage and on-death freeze cam). We specifically did not include any cvars in an attempt to prevent division among the community.

Instead, we will actively listen to community feedback and adjust and release updates accordingly. By releasing the source, we wanted the community to see exactly what was being modified so there are absolutely no questions as to the what (and how) is being changed.

From the readme:

1.This plugin removes the on-death freeze cam as well as the random damage range for all weapons in Team Fortress2.
2. Normally every attack has a +/-50% range in damage it can do, this plugin will force Team Fortress 2 to use the middle value of that range.

For example: (Taken from a soldier shoveling another soldier)
Without this plugin all shovel attacks can do anywhere from 32.5 to 97.5 damage. With this plugin all shovel attacks will do 65 damage.

To download the plugin visit ESEA TF2 Server Plugin