ESFI World Relaunched

BY Andrew Miesner / December 3, 2010

ESFI World today has announced the launch of their new website after several years of anticipation from the community. E-Sport Fans International was founded in 2007 by Brent Ruiz and Gene Angel to address the need for an independent, impartial e-sports media company. ESFI have announced that they plan to provide quality coverage for a number of games, including StarCraft 2, Counter-Strike, Quake Live and Super Street Fighter 4.

Below you can find the official release from the organization:


San Diego, CA – ESFI World is proud to announce the release of their new competitive gaming media website, Since revealing its preview tour in August of 2008, the ESFI World platform has undergone significant changes in development in an effort to streamline the user experience. Sporting an entirely new design, the website now comes packaged with improved event coverage hubs and tools for content creators to promote their own work.

“After much too long of a wait, ESFI World is finally here,” said founder Brent Ruiz. “The journey we’ve taken to get to where we are today has been an incredible learning experience for all of us, and we are confident we will accomplish the goals we’ve set for the company.”

Co-founder and VP of Marketing Gene Angel described the driving force behind the creation of ESFI World: “One of our primary goals was to meet the needs of the competitive online community where others weren’t. Our platform allows users to follow their favorite players and teams, easily access tournament results and enjoy quality, original content. ESFI is built with tools to help content creators promote their own work to a broad e-sport audience. Not only can you track content related to any player or team, but you can also track content by any author you want to see more from.”

ESFI World launches with support for four competitive gaming titles: StarCraft 2, Counter-Strike 1.6, Quake Live and Super Street Fighter 4. Additionally, ESFI has formed a powerful partnership with GamesCast TV, the only interactive e-sports TV station that offers users a simple way to watch live broadcasts for their favorite games and broadcasters. The collaboration allows ESFI to bring viewers live, event-specific broadcast schedules for streams in real time.

About ESFI World

ESFI World is an unbiased, independently-owned media platform dedicated to the growth and unification of e-sports (or competitive gaming) on an international level. ESFI offers engaging original content, dynamic player and team profile pages, innovative tournament coverage and a stage for content creators to promote their own work.

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