ESL Announces ESL National

BY Andrew Miesner / July 2, 2010

The Electronic Sports League has just announced their plans for a new gaming league in the United States. ESL National, as it will be titled, is a qualifier for the North American ESL Extreme Masters season.

Leading the league will be non other than Trevor “Midway” Schmidt, an American legend in the world of gaming. Midway was the founder and owner of, America’s competitive gaming source in its time.

Midway had this to say:


I have been looking for an opportunity to make an impact on eSports in the USA in a way that can be meaningful and help push eSports forward,” said Schmidt.

“This is a real opportunity to take advantage of ESL’s success and expand the company into North American eSports and help improve one of the biggest events in the eSports calendar in Intel Extreme Masters for North America.


The website is expected to open its doors on July 5th. More information will be available at that time.