ESL Announces Major Series Season IV

BY Andrew Miesner / March 4, 2009

Today the ESL announced that in April they will be holding the fourth installment of the EMS. The tournament will feature all of the games from EMS III with the exception of Guild Wars. The ESL announced that they have also added a few games such as America’s Army, Day of Defeat: Source, Quake 3 and Enemy’s Territory.

The prize money for this tournament has been dropped to €17,250 from the €25,000 it was just a year ago. The money has also been spread out among more of the games as Call of Duty 4 and CounterStrike:Source lose €500 and Team Fortress 2 stays the same.

The prize money and format for each game is as follows.

GamePrize Money
Counter-Strike: Source (5on5) – €3,000
Call of Duty 4 (5on5) – €3,000
Counter-Strike Female (5on5) – €1,500
DotA (5on5) – €1,500
Dawn of War 2 (Clanwar) – €1,000
FIFA 09 (5on5) – €1,750
Team Fortress 2 (6on6) – €1,500
America’s Army (4on4) – €500
Day of Defeat: Source (6on6) – €500

Enemy’s Territory (6on6) – €500

Quake 3
StarCraft: Brood War – €750
PES 2009 – €500
Trackmania – €500

While the EMS has been plagued with inactivity and the inevitability of slow-moving tournaments the staff hopes that they can definately put on a strong tournament.

There is no date yet for the start of the signups but stay tuned as they will be announcing the details in a matter of weeks.

Source: Cadred