ESL EU Continental Finals This Week!

BY Andrew Miesner / March 1, 2009

Written by JP McDaniel

One week remains before the first tournament of 2009. The anticipation for a WoW tournament has never been higher than this, and with the exception of Blizzard’s WorldWide Invitational Paris last year, a tournament has never had more competition. So many of the big names will be there at this tournament and the raw amount of talent is amazingly high. Who will win? I’m not quite sure at the moment, but it will be one hell of a ride.

To start the week off we’ll get a look at the European teams, in which seven will advance, in the ESL European Continental Finals. In last week’s article I talked a little bit about the teams attending this and who I think will be teams to look out for, along with posting of the groups, so I won’t really touch on it this week. All eyes will be on this tournament, especially those of CompLexity’s WoW team.

They will be looking to see just how these teams perform and what compositions they run. With this knowledge before the tournament, it definitely puts the Americans at a huge advantage going into the World Finals. They’ll be able to scout the European teams and see just what they are up against. Hopefully this will put coL in the running to perform well in the tournament, if not bring it home to America.

Make sure to tune into the coL site as updates will be flowing in from the tournament as much as possible next week. Instead of doing a big textual team-by-team preview here on coL, on ArenaCast next week we will be doing a big show on the ESL Finals, previewing the teams from all visiting countries. Our weekly show is at 8 p.m. CST on Wednesday so tune in! We also might be doing some live commentary or something along those lines during the tournament as well. We’ll see. All of this will be featured here at of course.

For fans of WoW e-sports and e-sports in general, next week will be one of the first looks at e-sports in 2009. Don’t miss it.