ESL TV & Octoshape Partner Up

BY Andrew Miesner / February 10, 2009

In Mid-2008 ESL TV (an online broadcasting corporation) and Octoshape began collaborating bringing viewers the ESL Pro Series Finals live on ESL TV. The extremely high performance technology that Octoshape brings to the table allowed over 200,000 viewers to stream live coverage and all without buffering and at a high quality of viewing.

Here is a snippet from the official press-release:

“In 2008 ESL TV did not only stream live 24/7 from but also streamed live from a number of major events such as Intel Extreme Masters in Dubai and Montreal, WC3L Finals in China, and Dreamhack the world’s largest computer festival, held in Sweden. CEO of Turtle Entertainment TV GumbH saids: “Octoshape’s streaming technology supports an almost unlimited number of viewers on the stream.”

You can view the full press-release: HERE


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