eSport TV Thailand talks Thailand Starcraft League

BY Andrew Miesner / May 23, 2011

Remember the eSport TV Thailand’s Starcraft II Open Season 1 tournament? Over this past weekend Sascha Modersitzki, Managing Director of eSports TV Thailand, talked a little about what his league will be bringing to the table with ESFI World.

First off, the tournament is no longer known as the Starcraft II Open Season 1. Blizzard Entertainment requested that eSport TV Thailand change the name on the grounds that it is too “generic” sounding. It will now be known as the Thailand Starcraft League (THSL).

The other news is that, apparently, eSports TV Thailand has been receiving some mixed reactions about this tournament. “To choose Thailand/Bangkok as the location is by design already a ‘red flag’ for a lot of people, and in addition to being a unknown company [sic]. Also, to suddenly come out from nowhere looks ‘strange’ to many players. We did assume that we would have a 60% positive, 20% cautious and 20% negative response.” He continued, “Yes, we worry. People will sadly always try to cheat or get easy money. That is the reason why we will carefully select the players and companies we work with.”

In hopes of renforcing the legitimacy of his organization (there is a $100,000 prize purse after all), Modersitzki revealed that big name teams like Korea’s Incredible Miracle (IM) will be participating.

If that doesn’t satisfy suspicion, eSports TV Thailand holds a competition license from Blizzard, meaning Blizzard has approved the legitimacy of this tournament. “One thing, every single Blizzard Entertainment customer need to be aware of is that Blizzard Entertainment, as company, is very protective of their communities and would have shut us down or posted warnings on their own forums if we are not legit. We already hold a Tournament License, but due to the size, we have to extend the contract condition with Blizzard and are awaiting the new contract soon.” Modersitzki continued, “Blizzard Entertainment ensures that we will pay and not take the money and run away. The Blizzard Entertainment contracts are complex and ensure that the community is protected.”

Modersitzki stated that eSports TV Thailand has been in talks with several companies to help sponsor the event, but if they should back out “[eSports TV] are prepared to carry the prize on our own.”

When it comes to competition like GOMtv’s GSL and the North American Star League, Modersitzki is confident. “We compare GSL, NASL and others to the likes of MySpace while we will be the new Facebook in eSports.”

Be sure to keep an eye out for the Thailand Starcraft League this summer. The tournament will run from August 8th to the 19th.