eSports Yearbook 2009

BY Andrew Miesner / April 10, 2010

The 2009 eSports yearbook has been released. You can get the book on Amazon. The ISBN number is


The book features managers, players and even event organizers sharing their thoughts on eSports. To see the table on contents click here.

This is the first year for eSports yearbook and if you have any questions or concerns please contact them at [email protected].

Author List

Gene Angel, United States, Entrepreneur
Jean-Christophe Arnaud, France
Alessandro Avallone, Italy, Pro-Gamer
Matthias Beyer, Germany, Community Manager
Simon Bidwell, Great Britain
Konstantin Boes, Germany, Journalist
David Donschen, Germany, Journalist
Christian Exner, Germany, Journalist
Frank Fields, United States, Journalist
Jonas Gebhardt, Gibraltar
Damla Pinar Goek, Turkey
David Hiltscher, Germany, Community Manager
Patrick Kasper, Germany, Journalist
Steven Leunens, Belgium, Entrepreneur
Stefan Maass, Germany, Consultant
Matthias Meyer, Germany, Host
Mark O’Beirne, Ireland, Journalist
Brent Ruiz, United States, Entrepreneur
Dario Salice, Switzerland, President of SESF
Manuel Schenkhuizen, Netherlands, Pro-Gamer
Christian Scholz, Austria, Researcher
Lari Syrota, Germany, Consultant
Camille Versteeg, France
Emma Witkowski, Denmark, Researcher
Wiktor Wojtas, Poland, Pro-Gamer


More information about the book can be found at